ALLURIA is a metal band formed in the city of São Paulo in 2018. Its members are Rick Monteiro on vocals, Fernando Kao on guitar, Eden Vassoler on bass and Vinny Silva on drums. With influences from modern metal, the band has stood out as one of the great revelations of the national scene, as praised by the specialized media.

In 2018, the band started the pre-production of their debut album, establishing a partnership with MS Metal Records, one of the main labels in the country. On December 14 of the same year, they released their first single, “Circle of Life”, distributed by CD-Baby nationally and internationally on digital platforms. The track received positive reviews and was named one of the best of the year by Rock Vibrations.

The following year, ALLURIA entered into a partnership with Foggy Filmes to produce the official music video for “Circle of Life”. The clip was directed by Junior Carelli, known for working with metal giants like Angra, Avantasia, Helloween, among others.

In 2020, the band released their new single, “Find My Force”, and completed the recording of their album “Invisible War” at Sputnik Home Studio in São Paulo. The material was produced and mastered by Michel Oliveira (Seven Seals of the Apocalipse, Judas O Outro).

Throughout its history, Alluria has participated in important festivals, such as the Time4Music Festival held in 2019 at the Carioca Club, one of the main stages in Brazil. Recently, the band had the opportunity to open for HIBRIA at the Fabrique Club venue in São Paulo.

In 2021, ALLURIA released three music videos titled “Black Sun”, “A Sign of Darkness” and “Chasing Redemption”, in preparation for the release of their debut album, “Invisible War”, which received excellent reviews. The album features a unique sound, mixing elements of metal with other musical genres.

Currently, the band is carrying out a series of actions to promote the release of their debut album, including concerts, participation in festivals, release of video clips, in addition to making available a wide catalog of merchandising for fans.

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Kiss FM

ALLURIA: watch the video clip for the new single “Chasing Redemption” (89FM – A Rádio Rock)

ALLURIA: new single is played on Kiss FM radio

ALLURIA: Eden Vassoler named best bassist at Time4Music Festival


Kiss FM

I was really impressed with the sound of these guys, I can see they work for it. I’m very satisfied listening to their sound.

- Paul Martins

Rock Vibrations

Discovered these guys this week, they brought their first single ‘Circle of Life’ full of great influences, with heavy riffing and technique in the right amount. They deserve your attention without a doubt.

- Vinny Almeida

World Metal Scene

New promising band. It’s worth taking a look.

- Bruno Monteiro